Authentication & Authorization

All Videograph apis are secured and can be accessed only by using api access token and secret key generated from dashboard of an organization’s environment. An api access token’s scope is limited to an organization’s environment and so with the APIs we can manage assets within the environment. In addition, api token can be granted with only limited read/write access to Videograph environments. Videograph uses HTTP Basic Auth, token key pair that consists of Token ID {username} and a secret key {password} to authenticate API calls. You can generate a new access token from ‘Settings’ menu of your Videograph dashboard. API Access Tokens are specific to an environment. Make sure you select the right environment in which you want to upload the video files. The access token should have Note: Videograph doesn’t store the secret key. If you lose the secret key of an API token then you need to create a new API token with new pair of Token ID and Secret key. If the secret key is leaked, then you should revoke that API token from ‘API access toke’ page to prevent unauthorised usage.